Shia LaBeouf Says It's Fair Game to Call L.A. Bartender a Racist

Shia LaBeouf to Bartender

So What If I Labeled You a Racist?!

It’s My Opinion, Deal with It

9/22/2017 10:13 AM PDT

Shia LaBeouf has a pretty simple response to the L.A. bartender who sued him after Shia called him a “f**king racist bitch” — tough noogies, dude.

According to docs filed by Shia, and obtained by TMZ … his defense in the slander lawsuit is that name-calling might be “obnoxious and vulgar, but it’s not defamatory.” The whole thing started with a bizarre scene in April … when Shia went off on the bartender in Jerry’s Famous Deli.

Shia, who witnesses said seemed drunk, went off on the bartender for not serving him French fries — which seemed like an act of racism to Shia. As he put it that night, “You f**ked up!!”

In his docs, Shia says the bartender’s lawsuit — which seeks $5 million — should be dismissed because he was merely expressing his opinion, and his right to free speech allows him to do so.

Like we said … tough noogies.

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