LeBron James: I Don't Wanna Fight Kyrie Irving, 'Not Facts'

LeBron James:

I Don’t Wanna Fight Kyrie Irving

… ‘Not Facts’

7/25/2017 8:12 AM PDT

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LeBron James is channeling his inner Donald Trump — calling “fake news” on reports he wants to throw down with his teammate, Kyrie Irving.

It’s been all over that LeBron is super pissed at Kyrie — with some reports saying he’s so unhappy that Irving wants a trade that, “LeBron James would be tempted to beat his ass.”

Well, James has now broken his silence … saying, “#NotFacts people! Boooo!!”

He added, “Get another source.”

So, what’s really going down with LeBron and Kyrie? Guess it depends on who ya wanna believe. 

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