Tom Cruise Uses His Own Real Ass for Movies, Says 'Mummy' Co-Star Annabelle Wallis

Tom Cruise

Yeah, That Ass is Real on Set …

Says ‘Mummy’ Co-Star

9/27/2017 4:37 PM PDT


Tom Cruise is a real-life action hero on the set of his movies — but his ass is even realer … according to one of his co-stars. 

We got Annabelle Wallis — who starred alongside Tom in “The Mummy” this summer — and she confirmed 2 stories about him all in a matter of seconds.

She says it’s true that Tom saved her life while filming ‘Mummy’ when something got wrapped around her neck during a stunt. More recently, though, folks speculated he used a prosthetic booty in his 2009 Nazi movie, “Valkyrie” … and you can kinda see why.

Tom already debunked the “fake butt” rumors this week, and now Annabelle is backing that up … no buns intended.

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