Rapper XXXTentacion Goes for Stage Dive Crown, Your Move Wifisfuneral! (VIDEO)


Gimme That Stage Dive Crown!

6/6/2017 4:40 PM PDT

XXXTentacion tried really hard to top his tour mate, Wifisfuneral, with 2 INSANE crowd surfing moments during a show in Scottsdale.

XXX climbed about 15 or so feet above the crowd, before launching himself on top of his fans. We’ll say this … they’re really loyal, because he survived. The rapper also allowed himself to be hurled into the mosh pit Sunday night — and again, walked away in one piece.

Much better ending for XXX than his homie, Wifi, who got the piss beat out of him last week when he did a front flip into the audience. 

We know this — do NOT look down when you’re at this show.

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