Cody Garbrandt Prepping Michael Jackson Dance Moves for Dillashaw Fight

UFC’s Cody Garbrandt

Prepping Michael Jackson Moves

… For Dillashaw Fight

10/31/2017 12:45 AM PDT


He pop and locked during his brawl with Dominick Cruz — but now UFC champ Cody Garbrandt says he’s upping his dance game for UFC 217 … with some Michael Jackson moves! 

To get straight to the point … Garbrandt says T.J. Dillashaw is a “piece of sh*t” — and he wants to humiliate the guy in the worst way possible. 

“If he gives me the chance to dance on him, I’m gonna make him act like a fool too,” Garbrandt says. 

If you need a reminder about Garbrandt’s dance fighting skills — check out the video below … and imagine Cody MOONWALKING after landing a shot on Dillashaw. 

Or a crotch grab? Or the Thriller dance? Could be very entertaining … 

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