World Series Hero Luis Gonzalez: Here's How To Ball Out In Game 7

W.S. Hero Luis Gonzalez

Here’s How To Ball Out In Game 7

11/1/2017 3:34 PM PDT


Listen up Dodgers & Astros … a former World Series hero is about give tell you how not to FREAKIN’ CHOKE in tonight’s all important game 7 match up.

TMZ Sports talked to Luis Gonzalez … the man who destroyed Yankees fans with a super clutch game 7 RBI against Mariano Rivera in the 2001 fall classic.

If any guy knows what it takes to deliver in the big spots, it’s LG, and he told us EXACTLY what players in tonight’s game are gonna have to do to get the job done.

Pay attention fellas, and remember, it’s just a game, not like your entire lives and legacies are on the line. 

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