'Walking Dead' Makeup Guru Shares His Fave Makeup Job This Halloween

‘Walking Dead’ Makeup Guru

Zombies Are Cool, But

Check Out Trump Coming Out Of Putin’s Stomach

10/30/2017 12:20 AM PDT


To impress ‘Walking Dead‘ makeup artist and executive producer Greg Nicotero it takes more than zombie makeup.

We got the genius behind the show’s most epic zombiesĀ at LAX where he told us to really wow him this Halloween, someone’s got to step outside the box, like upcoming makeup artist John Wrightson.

Nicotero gives Wrightson a big plug for masterfully creating a Trump and Putin costume inspired by “Total Recall,” which we found on Wrightson’s Instagram page and could go down as one of the best costumes of 2017.

Consider it a passing of the torch.

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